2013 Cohort


Steve Bayne - 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: Director of Special Services, Storrs, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience: 10-15
  • Capstone Research: My research examines the experience of special education administrators engaged in due process proceedings and the factors that influence decision making.  I plan to use a qualitative cross case-analysis to understand this issue.



Roszena Haskins – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: Director Continuing Education and Diversity Advancement, West Hartford, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience: 10-15
  • Capstone Research: I am studying college remediation and policy implementation because of their strong links to persistence and degree attainment among underserved students.  I plan to use qualitative methods to understand the lived experiences and needs of college educators in their changing roles under college remediation reform.

Regina Hopkins – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: Program Manager, Interdistrict Magnet Schools,  Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Capstone Research: Using qualitative methods, my capstone study will examine the efficacy of restorative practice as an approach to student discipline in a small school.

Jennifer Michno – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: LEAD CT/UCAPP Residency Program, Storrs, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience: 10-15
  • Capstone Research: I am studying the association between a school leader’s behavior in the teacher evaluation process, a teacher’s growth mindset, and reported teacher practice.  I plan to use a mixed methods design with quantitative measures to understand the degree to which these associations exist and qualitative measures to understand why, it at all, these associations exist.
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Meg Smith – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: Dean of Instruction, Boston Massachusetts
  • Years of Experience: 5-10
  • Capstone Research: I am studying teachers’ emotional response to coaching.  As a Dean of Instruction, my primary role is to coach teachers; through my career experience, I have observed coaching as a practice that elicits strong emotional responses from teachers.  In my research, I will use case study to gather data regarding teacher perception of coaching.  I will utilize the theory of Symbolic Interactionism, a sociological theory that argues people emotionally respond to their perceived meaning of symbols and experiences, to understand how teachers perceive and emotionally respond to their perception of coaching.


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Tayarisha Stone – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title:  Principal, John C. Clark School, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience:
  • Capstone Research:
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Ann Traynor– 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title:  Director of Advising and Certification, Neag School of Education, Storrs, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience:  10-15
  • Capstone Research:  There is an increasing number of K-12 students of color and a persistently low number of teachers of color. I am studying teacher licensure testing as a potential entry barrier to teaching for students of color. I plan to use qualitative methods to understand teacher preparation programs’ practices, policies, and support for students to meet state teacher licensure requirements, especially related to the basic skills test requirement.
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Lara White – 2013 Cohort

  • Professional Title: Teacher, West Hartford, Connecticut
  • Years of Experience: 5-10
  • Capstone Research: I am studying how a teacher’s racial identity and cultural bias influence his or her ability to effectively instruct diverse student populations.